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Walking By Faith by Joe L. Dudley

Take a journey into the life of Mr. Joe Dudley one of the most successful black businessmen in the salon industry. Walking By Faith takes you through the humble beginnings of Mr. Dudley's life to the building of his empire. Learn about the obstacles he faced and how his mental attitude pulled him through. Mr. Dudley was the first African American to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for Direct Selling. Walking By Faith chronicles Mr. Dudley's life; it's a story of a man who was once labeled mentally retarded. A man born poor but grew up to be mentally and physically rich.

This book is not a lecture, but a chance to read the story of a successful man and the story of those he influenced. It tells the stories of others who have too "Walked by Faith" and made great accomplishments while becoming a stronger person.
This is a book that can inspire anyone to strive for success. Here you have a man who succeed simply by having the will to do so. From Aurora North Carolina, to New York, to Chicago and Africa  sit back and witness the unfolding of a great man.

This is a must read and collector item for the African American Library

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Paperback---  16.95

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Each Book personally autographed by Mr. Dudley

S.B. Fuller pioneer in Black Economic Development

Here is a book that is sure to motivate and inspire you. S.B. Fuller was a man born before his time in the eyes of many. He wasn't a man who felt down on himself and his circumstances but knew that turning them around was true self-empowerment. Though S.B. Fuller was poor and born into poverty he didn't just bow his head and say "that's just my plight" he knew that he could break barriers, by being determined.

This book will expose you to the very humble beginnings of a man who was one of the most successful black business owners in history. You will witness the story of a man who overcame struggles and obstacles by having the right mindset and the burning desire to succeed.

Despite being born poor and only having a sixth-grade education Mr. Fuller was able to build a multimillion dollar company and inspire others. He believed that developing black business was essential to the prosperity of Blacks. He believed that black people should do more than just attend church but, use the church to build business which would benefit the community.

As a successful businessman Mr. Fuller owned over 13 successful businesses. He has influenced and motivated some of the most prominent African American's in the beauty industry. Mr. Fuller believed in the mentality of "doing for yourself". Often his principles where misunderstood by white and black people alike.

From the birth and the early days of S.B. Fuller to the man who built a multi-million dollar business; this book shows you how the power of determination, focus and critical thinking builds empires despite someones background.

He reflected the mentalities and principles of a man who could get through any obstacle.

So, sit back and read a book you can get lost in. A book that takes you from the year 1905 the year of S.B. Fullers's birth to his death in 1988. Mr. Fuller not only left a legacy within business, but he also was a man who thought ahead of his time.


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Motivational CD's

Re-charge your life and jump start your success with these motivational in CD's that will surely

A Birth Control Mind
Unlock the Lock
From Zero to Zero
John Raye's Dreamtime

A Birth Control Mind

Watch out as Mr. Dudley passionately goes against those mental Blocks that cause some to have a "Birth Control Mind". Forget excuses and focus on the positive aspects of yourself to succeed. This audio CD is the perfect jump start motivator.

Listen to this tape in your car, at home or anywhere you need to be inspired and encouraged to stop complaining and focus on the things you are blessed with in order to create more blessings.

You Will Learn:
** How to Reach Your Goals
** How to Develop Your Ideas
** The Power of Gratitude
** How To Overcome Depression and Burn Out
** The Secret Power of Finding Your Advantage of Life
** A Millionaires Fool-Proof Method of Saving Money
** How To Inspire Others

Unlock the Lock

Mr. Dudley encourages you to "free your mind" and your condition by "Unlocking the Lock". Learning to pinpoint your habits and realize it's habits that have your mind under "lock and key".

Many people don't realize that their subconscious mind can create habits that become patterns that seem normal or like fate. Sometimes we don't realize that we have formed a self-imposed habit and then find excuses of why this is just how it is. Listen as Mr. Dudley encourages you to "Unlock the Lock" and free your mind for success.

From Zero to Zero

When you come to this earth you come with nothing, when you leave you leave with nothing. Listen as Mr. Dudley speaks about the importance of spreading your positivity to grow others. How to use your talents to help the next generation.

This CD emphasizes the importance of building yourself so that you can help build the black community. How to become self-reliant and a critical thinker.udley Hair Fact Book

The African American haircare industry is in a state of emergency. On this CD we explore the history of the African American haircare industry and learn how we have lost control within the industry.

Many African American companies and salon professionals must struggle to have a presence in the industry. Many salon owners and stylist miss out on the opportunity to generate profits through retail due to having to compete with Beauty Supply shops. It becomes difficult to compete with products that can be purchased cheaper and have "slick" advertising.

The Hair Fact Book is a comprehensive CD that should be apart of every salon library. Learn about the pioneers in the haircare business from the past as well as the present. Understand the marketing tactics and techniques used by non-minority companies to maintain dominance within the industry.

Learn about AHBAI (American Health and Beauty Aids Institute), learn how their role in the African American community is one that brings hope.
** How the Industry Looks Today
** The ethnic Haircare Market: The present Situation
** The Growth and Development of the Ethnic Haircare Industry
** The Movement of Non African-American Companies Into the Industry
** The Response of African-American haircare Manufactures
** Strategies Used by Mainstream Corporations to Target Black buyers
** How the Shrinking Pool of African-American business has Led to the   Economic Decline of the African American Community.

John Raye's Dreamtime

John Raye's accomplishments and honors are many; he was the founder of the Majestic Eagles, a business development organization created to help aspiring entrepreneurs. He started his own Federal Credit Union by raising a record $100,000 dollars in one day! In Washington D.C. He also spearheaded a drive to purchase a $375,000 headquarters building.

In "Dreamtime" Mr. Raye explains how ANYBODY can succeed in America by using the resources around them. Once you understand that there is possibility and you calculate the probability of your goals you realize the "sky is the limit". This CD teaches you to think big, go for your goals and learn to SUCCEED living in the "Riches Country in the World".

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